Everyone wants to look good on the self, but she raised her self-portraits to a new level. Surprisingly!

Some of us use self as the tawdry way of expression, trying to sound richer, happier and more beautiful than we actually are. Despite this, the Finnish photographer Yew Susiraya completely changes the concept of these pictures, making a very, very honest, and surreal at the same time funny self-portraits. At the heart of every self - her own body and other objects as details.

«Pose, creating a fashionable and friendly way - this is akin to the catechism of modern man, - i> comments on this series of photographs of an art critic on the site Susirai. - Susiraya this ideology turns on its head, and laughing with her, as it can ». I>

For me, perhaps the most surprising was the reaction of fans of art: instead of a malicious criticism and indignation were most like those pictures full of sarcasm. Moreover, many people reflected about what is really remarkable, brave and really beautiful was this woman photographer.

Yes, my friend! It is still really beautiful, despite the appearance. After all, the true beauty - deep inside! Be sure to show these funny self your friends!



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