The most famous self

Self or crossbows called shot himself made a mobile phone or camera. Photos themselves are doing everything - the astronauts, celebrities, climbers, pilots, machinists. Not surprisingly, during the existence of the self is not accumulated enough steep, touching and just funny photos. Under the cut for you collected the most famous in the history of the self.

25 photos.

SELF on top of the world - Mount Everest

Self George Harrison of the Beatles

Paul McCartney is not far behind


At the statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil

SELF double rainbow

And this guy saved the life of the self)

And it is even more dangerous self

The most popular self in the universe

Self from the cockpit fighter

SELF in bubble

Inside the canyon

Self with Mythbusters


Circumnavigation Self
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What is behind me ?!

Self husky with surprised

Every dog ​​deserves a good self

And every kangaroo

But an eagle against

Self with the Dalai Lama XIV

Parents self parodied daughter

Mmm, lunch

Self fire after a fight with fire

After the crash, too, can make self

And for dessert - the steepest in the history of self


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