SELF for real men

It is almost obvious: Self is not our business. Pictures of themselves, their mighty bitsuhi or squares on the belly - it's narcissism, which is absolutely not paint guy! Recently Instagram reveals a disturbing trend: the number of samofotok that make men has increased considerably. It's one thing when it's frankly stebnaya picture, designed to show the world that the author despises the idea of ​​self and openly laughing at her. Another thing, when man posing, proving to the world that he's a terrific handsome, star and an alpha male.

So why not to do the peasant self seriously?

Self - the lot of women

No one is surprised that women are obsessed with their appearance. This is their main weapon in the battle of the sexes! It's not even blame is useless. The girls all his life hammered into your head that you ought to be beautiful, and only then a smart, happy and all that jazz. This resulted in a desire to show the world what it so obscenely proud: its beauty and care. So jealous. For them it is a way of showing their lives on all sides, including the emotional part of it. And girls do self because they are bored or something they are very happy. Scold typical ladies for the abundance samofotok in Instagram and other social networks - almost the same as to blame the children for what they draw in sketchbooks kalyaki-Malaki. If you do not have boobs, it is better not to do self!

SELF - it's not manly

In good, a man is allowed to have up to three photos of yourself first - the first day of school, the second - on the driver's license, the third - if they were not so lucky - your wedding day. But we, of course, exaggerating. Enough of those photos, which makes it clear that a person grows. Here you imagine Clint Eastwood and other truly courageous dude who pose in front of the mirror to take pictures of themselves in a new funny t-shirt? Only if they do so lightly. If you have a Batman costume, Self officially allowed to do, it's funny!

Self needs to be looked

Do not, do not argue with us! This automatically means that you are very important to people's opinions from the side. You're chasing the comments huskies, it can hardly be called a worthy behavior for anyone! Passion to make such photos also shows that deep down you little boy who got lost in the big world.

If so you do not have enough attention, talk to my mom.

Self - a finely

If you seriously think that makes an incredible contribution to society when take pictures of themselves in various poses, you're a very strange man. If you think that self - it is a way of self-expression, it is a very small way. This is the same that draw on fields notebooks and drawing seriously proud of him, because it works! Or is it the same thing to write a story of one line. Do you want to express? Do it for real. Pictures of themselves - it is very questionable waste of time, read a book!

Self does not help get the girl

Ol 'Hugh Hefner, the founder of the magazine Pl * yboy, earned millions of dollars and a huge mansion with women, just getting them pictures. You think you can get their attention if they see your mighty bitsuhi? Surely there are ladies who enjoy your beautiful body, but more husky or stupid comments like "What do you se ** B!" Do not wait. Do not think that after you put pictures into a social network, the doorbell rang, and on the threshold would be a smart woman who casts off her clothes with a loud cry, "Take me!" Not a stupid girl laugh dude attempt to make self because they do not see your muscles tight, they see ordinary narcissism and demand attention, which amused them.

Self puts you or a narcissist, or a person with complexes

Why do girls make self? To enjoy themselves and to show other people that they want or envied. Why do men self? In fact, the purpose of men and women photographing themselves do not differ from each other. The same attempt to get approval, boasting their lives and occupy yourself. Most of those involved in samofotom suffer from narcissism or trying to show the world that they do not have complexes about their appearance and completely happy with it.

As a conclusion

Peasant photos of yourself in an exclusive environment. Firstly, if it stands on the background of something really out of the ordinary. It's like a proof that he was there and saw everything with my own eyes. Secondly, for the sake of banter over the very idea of ​​self, because this mod really deserves to be ridiculed and condemn. Third, the dude can take a picture of yourself in a real stupid or funny outfit, such as a superhero costume or character of the film. Oh, and the fourth case: man funny ape. Everything other than this - a disgrace and a waste of time.


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