8 accident while trying to make the Self. Such stupid death still worth looking for!

Could the once our ancestors assumed that their grandchildren will not die in the war or from the deadly disaster, and from the banal ... trying to make phenomenal photos themselves. The pursuit of so-called "sebyashkami" (as they are affectionately known as the Internet) has become a real boom: people seem to have lost his head. By the way, officially recognized that the desire to make the self "is not like everyone else" often leads to an absurd death.

Who will tell you about a few accidents when stupid picture itself was worth a human life ... Still dreaming of a steep picture with crazy background or in an unusual place? Think a hundred times what it may turn out!

The couple, who fell from a cliff
More recently, in 2014, the world has stirred up terrible news: the couple from Poland was killed at a resort in Portugal. The husband and wife wanted to make a nice break from the self. They survived only their little son and daughter who needed help of psychologists after the parents had gone to another world right in front of them ...

Teenager and toilet
This incident occurred in January 2015. One teenager photographed themselves dressed Sponge Bob and scored for a huge number of photos likes. The guy did not want to stop there, and the next day decided to make a cool picture in the toilet. But fate apparently decided to "joke" is stronger: man slipped and smashed his head on the toilet and died from bleeding before medical aid.

Girl and Bridge
Xenia Ignatyeva did not have months to live to his age. She is interested in photography, and to do self in unusual places of St. Petersburg was her hobby. When Xenia climbed on the bridge in the hope of capturing Soul Plane frame, her foot slipped and she instinctively grabbed the exposed cable. Powerful shock just leave avid photographer the chance of survival.

Fatal hen
26-year-old Moreno Colette remembered all the same cheerful, and fun in the picture. This picture was the cause of death of a young girl: her friend Ashley was unable to cope with the management while posing on a camera phone. Then everything happened classic: the car drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a passing car. Incidentally, the day Colette went on a hen party ...

Another girl and another bridge
23-year-old student from Poland Sylvia Rachel had not returned from his trip to Spain. She climbed on the famous bridge Puente de Triana in order to make a great picture. The public did not see this picture: the girl fell from a 4-meter-high, hitting the concrete support. Cardiac arrest occurred instantly.

does not fit - or kill most absurd death months
Just recently, relatives buried 18-year-old Anne Ursu, who decided the day before to make a unique self with my girlfriend on the roof of the train. The death of this girl can really go in the top most absurd deaths on the planet. Just picture on the roof of the car seemed to Anna strongly banal, and to heighten the effect she has decided to lift up a leg up. Anna touched the power line, and the discharge current capacity of 27,000 watts instantly turned the girl's body in an open wound. She died from severe burns covering more than 50% of the body ...

Love till death ...
As often happens, Holloway Cheney and James Nichols met online. For a long time, they communicate in the network and finally decided to meet in a suburb of South Africa. Lovers have decided to capture the long-awaited meeting luxurious self on a hill at sunset. When the couple found a suitable place for the photo, James began to set up a tripod with a camera. Holloway came close to the edge, did not keep his balance and fell down. Death overtook Woman before the arrival of medical ...

Extreme on the verge of death
Ramon Gonzalez of Puerto Rico was known as a successful rapper. One day he came up with the idea to make Freaky cool self, one hand holding the wheel of the motorcycle, and the other - the phone. Then everything went as scripted motorcycle issued into the oncoming lane, where it collided with a passing car. As a result, the body of Ramon turned into a lifeless piece of meat ...

This does not mean that it is time to stop doing self. Just before you decide on a magnificent frame in an unusual place, or even more so while driving, remember about these guys and girls. Their lives are certainly not worth even the coolest of self in the world ... Do not forget to share this article urgently with friends: maybe it's no exaggeration to save someone's life!

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