How to pay your narcissism to their advantage

The question is how to turn this fact to your polzu

daffodils often called egocentric people - for example, those who are too often puts self on the internet. In fact, there is a real sense of the word, which does not have anything to do with the Self. Like other psychological terms, the word "daffodil" was popular but stupid insult.

An expert in the field of mental health Roger Gil notes that there is a huge difference between love for their appearance and narcissistic personality disorder (NRL):

"Case of narcissism is the deterioration in the functioning of the individual, due to the way a person perceives himself as relates to other people and how to lead them. For example, people with NRL often define their identity on the basis of the opinions of others, to empathize and work closer together with others. According to a study conducted by Dr. Drew Pinsky and Mark Young, a high degree of NRL often happens with famous TV presenters. This does not apply to a person who makes thousands of self and puts in Instagram. Most often, people with NRL is not capable of empathy ».

blockquote> What does the self? Last year, he appeared on the Internet and became a viral report that "scientists have linked self and narcissism." The report was a sham, a hoax but seemed convincing.

Meanwhile reveal egocentric easily. This is a guy from work, making himself the center of every conversation, or the guy got in an accident and more worrying about his car than the passenger. Yes, they are egocentric, but what if they can keep yourself in the hands of defines, easy is already the case or clinical.

Jill gives advice on how to recognize the self-centeredness:

«Learn clinical narcissist is not easy, because people are often involved in a distorted representation of reality narcissus (his cognitive distortion). A sure sign of a true narcissist - the failure to recognize that it is a false idea, they do not suffer hardship. Another sign of identification - a "trace" of failed personal relationships. The third feature - the tendency to use others to achieve personal gain. For a true narcissist goal always justifies the means ».

blockquote> People who suffer from the NRL, rarely admit they were wrong, dismiss outright reasonable evidence or someone else's opinion, if it is contrary to their own. If there are worrying signs, leave narcissus professionals. If not, then you are faced with a slightly selfish person, so try to negotiate with him.

Why are we all a bit selfish (which is good) Every person in varying degrees inherent narcissistic quality. In the end, we are all protagonists of their history. However, most people are capable of empathy. If you take into account their interests, but acknowledge and interests of other people, all right. Here is what Lived:

«Everyone has narcissistic traits. Narcissism helps us to define their own interests ("it is valuable to me, so that I would pursue") and recognize its positive qualities ("I - a man thrust, so go to the goal"). It can even save you from bad situations ("these relationships make me suffer, it's time to finish them, you can not put up with it»). »

blockquote> Our behavior and reactions to narcissism can tell a lot about us. In a long article of the magazine «Forbes» of Self says that we all want public recognition:

«The cultural phenomenon of self reflects a very simple human desire - to be noticed, appreciated and acknowledged. Just a few likes to friends in social networks reveal fundamental aspects of human psychology. Approval can help in the work - when people feel strange confession, they repeat the behavior approved. »

blockquote> According conducted ten years ago, a study led by the recognition of a list of things that employees want from employers. More than 79% of employees quit their jobs because of lack of satisfaction. And from the people who are satisfied with their work, 94, 4% believe that managers appreciate them highly.

This is true not only for work but also for a personal relationship. According to a survey aims to identify the biggest problems in the marriage, 65% of those surveyed believe serious grounds for divorce "communication problems." Men were most unhappy whining or complaints (70%) and in second place was undervalued (60%). Women complained that "men are not more important than their feelings and opinions" (83%).

We are all a little bit selfish, for all of us an important recognition and approval of others. Since technical progress now enables us to expand our circle of friends, of course, that the recognition of friends in social networks is so important. And there is nothing wrong.

How to turn empathy and self-centeredness to pay him on polzu

If we understand the difference between the lungs narcissistic qualities and clinical narcissism, you can turn these qualities to their advantage. First you need to admit to ourselves that we crave the approval of others: at work, in personal relationships or on the Internet.

Next you need to understand that it is normal and natural. Do not reproach yourself, but consider how you behaved. As the people who you are looking for recognition, you react? How did they treat you? You feel that they are kind to you or just putting up with your existence?

If you feel that you have recently become selfish, just do something good. Jill explains that the actions aimed at someone else's well-being, helping us to move beyond their own little world. Jill offers the next time when you go to the store to buy food themselves and need to spend a little man on the street. You and make a good deed, and is guaranteed to become the hero of this story. And in your life is the person you have helped. If the extra money you do not, then there are other ways to help those in need.

Of course, true altruism - it is when you do something just like that, without waiting for this award. However, this does not happen: at least you are making yourself a "credit good deeds" and feel good, so it's not entirely altruistic, but rather disguised selfishness.

Narcissistic quality can even be used to put yourself in the other person. For starters learn to listen. Practice active listening: do not mind, do not accept and do not start talking about yourself. Listen to the story of another person, and recognize that this time it is about him, not about you. If you manage to put yourself in his place and imagine what you would feel yourself in such a situation.

In the end, self-centeredness and narcissism grow into empathy - one of the most important skills for a person securing our relationship with other people. It's hard to always be sensitive, especially when you're surrounded by people who constantly demands your time and attention. But show a little sympathy is not as difficult as you make sure that your life is something important, and besides you.



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