You think you have the perfect pitch? Take this test - and you will know the truth.

The human ear has different sensitivities to different frequencies. Thus, there is the highest and the lowest sound intensity (called the threshold of pain and threshold of hearing), which is the perception of sound. Between them is the area of ‚Äč‚Äčaudibility.

Ideally, the spectrum of human hearing - from 20 to 20 000 Hz. However, this range is available not for everyone - it all depends on the age, health and other features. It is proved that over the years we lose sensitivity to the upper region of the spectrum.

This video will help you check your hearing. It recorded audio track, which extends to the full range of the ideal of human hearing (20 - Hz 20 000).

To listen to recommend the use of a column that is included loud enough. If you are a thrill - listen to this track on headphones at full capacity.

Well? You endured to the end? I hear the sound at the highest frequencies? If so - congratulations, you've got the perfect hearing! Otherwise, do not worry: in everyday life you hardly need the ability to distinguish sounds at such a high frequency range.

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