This cat has become the new star of the Internet. You will not believe what he had to do ...

Funny cat Nicky - the new star of the Internet, known both in Russia and abroad. Number of fans of Nicky is growing every day, and it's no wonder, because he - an unusual cat. What's so special about it? The fact that he is able to sit as a man.

According to Victoria Wirth, the mistress of the animal, the cat began to sit in this way still quite kitten. «When Nicky was still young, he immediately began to sit, but every day he did it more and more often, and now he sits in that position every day» i>, - says Wirth. All this is not associated with any disease - the animal is absolutely great. Apparently, he just likes this pose.

«Nicky sits on the fifth point everywhere: on the floor in the bathroom, on the desk, on the couch, chair or even on the cabinet. He even sleeps in a similar position! » I>, - acknowledged mistress. B>

This cat is popular not only online. In a relatively short period of time he was able to visit several television shows and become a TV star. B>

From time to time, Nicky still stands on its hind legs. I wonder what else learn this amazing cat? Maybe soon she even starts to walk like a man who knows? B>

In any case, we are confident that Nike has a great future. Perhaps one day he will even be able to compete with the well-known cat Gloom (Grumpy Cat), which has become perhaps the most popular cat in the world. So we wish him good luck!

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