Masterpieces of advertising art! These advertisers clearly know what the customer needs ...

Advertising - the person of the product. Be adman - is not easy. Advertising is capable of, how to bring huge profits, and cause irreparable damage and a severe blow to the reputation of the goods offered. Marketers need to have not only an incredible cunning, but also as a strategy to cancel. What these advertisers are expected when creating advertising art, these paintings, I can only guess. Well, wrong, who does not happen ... But you just imagine on these "masterpieces" are likely to work more than one or two people. I feel they will have a long time to harvest is not very sweet fruits from such advertising. I just looked up - and down with laughter!

They know that now, "hawala" the people.
«What is it?" - you ask. "What is it?" - I ask. B>

Pfff ... They are not only in the zoo, but certainly there were in nirvana.

Who would doubt!

Expectation and reality ...

It simply protects the lady of the heart. And what do you think? B>

American smile and legs from the ears ... But the beauty - it's still terrible power!

Here is a disappointment ...

Legs - it is simply a bonus!

What do not say, and the men now went wrong ...

Perhaps you will never find an answer to this question ...

Audacity - my second happiness.

Here it is, razluchnitsa!

There's probably, in addition to the toilet, there are still some portal.

You sure? At this rate, you will go far! B>

A delicacy, but still ... I'll take a discount, do not hesitate!

So it Sergei G. Zakharov! And so at once, and I did not know ...

What do you know about despair?

What do you know, what a cutie!

It's just advertisers from God! They know exactly what is now popular with customers. If you are a marketer, for God's sake, do not do as they share these advertising "pearls" with your friends!

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