23 jobs from the textbooks that will make the brain is not only the child, but any adult. Quiet horror...

That resulted in long-awaited vacation. Since the beginning of the new quarter of the students have to sit at the back is not very favorite, and sometimes not quite clear tutorials and gnaw granite science. Authors of textbooks, no doubt, trying to facilitate the learning process for children and make it more interesting, coming up with all sorts of creative tasks. Alas, scrolling through a few books, you know that their efforts are not always crowned with success.

1. And you do not want - do not. B>

2. Hopelessness and rushing. B>

3. So what? Maybe it's a new search engine. B>

4. Nestykovochka turned. B>

5. Man, is it? B>

6. Yes, they really be happy. B>

7. Difficult question. B>

8. In our time, and it happens. B>

9. Politeness is appropriate in any situation. B>

10. That's what happens when the author of the textbook ends ideas. B>

11. Really funny - best humor ...

12. And this is not only the author has written a remarkable textbook, but also discovered a new species of insects - babokach! B>

13. But suddenly instrumental case has its own, special affixes? B>

14. Creative profession - they are. B>

15. Kate is not afraid of any mohnatki. B>

16. But in vain. B>

17. Constantine likes surprises. B>

18. My world will never be the same. B>

19. The only extra thing here - the author of this tutorial. B>

20. They would still Bun taken as an example. B>

21. The very moment when the author wanted to write a "stylish, trendy, youth" task, but that is not grown together. B>

22. Only it seems to me that there are some contradictions? B>

23. Here's how seamlessly Misha can take the place of Sergei. B>

I now have the brain will explode from these tasks. What can we say about the poor children, who are so often faced with similar? How much time they spent on the tasks for which the correct answer does not exist? I admit it, before such was not ...

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