To recognize the scale of the world in which you live! Why not talk about it in geography lessons?

Do you know how to relate to the size of Africa, the USA and Western Europe? Most of the inhabitants of the latter would suggest that the "black continent" a little more of their homeland, but few people aware of how he did! Kai Krause, a graphic designer from Germany, made this card to slightly shake the vision of a world of people.

Jokes jokes with our perception of the impossibility of accurate transmission of a spherical planet on a flat map. In the process of drawing such a card is inevitable distortion of the shape and size of various scales. Among the cartographers are constantly heated debate about the best way to display the world map, but as long as until the very ideal never reached. Thus, the average number of the card is produced in our region, it shows the country's high latitudes large and earth at the equator smaller in size than in reality. And then there are people who sincerely believe that Europe is more than South America. And do not reproach - all on the map it is! Man tends to correlate the size of something of its importance, so the representatives of the richest nations of the world because of such distortion here is more rooted in thoughts of self-importance.

Mercator projection gives completely distorted concept of the size of different parts of the world.


Africa is on the equator, so it is usually on the cards squeezed the most. These same size it is truly immense. Krause explains: "This continent is enormous, and none of those with whom I have spoken, is not it true extent. Africa is more than the United States, China, India, Japan and Europe combined! ยป


A few years ago, this card Krause earned his moment of glory. It is urgent now, dispelling the skepticism which was just another proof of its correctness. For example, the recent outbreak of Ebola made people suspicious of Africa. Most of the Parties of all that relates to Africa! From a global panic suffers tourism in Cape Town and solar installations Tanzania, despite the fact that Paris is located close to the places of the disease than they are!

If you start to see the world a little differently after this card, share it with your friends! Hit them and expand their horizons a bit, because it is always useful.


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