With no frame, a masterpiece! 18 stunning photographs taken at the right time.

They say that the lot of the photographer - keep disappearing things that may never happen again. We have to admit, I've always admired live shots taken in the most unexpected moment. Only with the help of pictures you can feel the whole palette of emotions and feelings that I wanted to convey the photographer. It's 18 stunning photographs taken at the right time in the right place. So HR is simply no price! But it is unlikely you would want to be on the site of those depicted in these colorful pictures ... And in place of the one who photographed it, be honest, too ... I feel like they all got great!

Yes, there are a lot of shots on the web, however, when I see something like that, I just can not help but laugh. I applaud standing all those photographers who, risking their lives, yet they have managed to make spectacular shots. Give your friends a positive dose - to share with them these ridiculous photos.

via ofigenno ru


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