When the hands are growing out of the place: 18 terrible examples of how NOT to pull out his eyebrows ...

Modern girls are paying a lot of time and attention to their eyebrows. The fact is that today, eyebrows become an integral part of the stylish image of beautiful women, so the designers make them special emphasis. Procedures for plucking eyebrows and give them beautiful shape now become extremely popular in the salons. Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity is to keep pace with the times and look stylish, fashionable and at 100. But the main thing - do not overdo this, because such a small and thin portion of our face as the eyebrows, can spoil the whole picture.

I do not know what they think all these girls, when they took the tweezers in hand, but the fact that they came out of it, plunges into horror. Ladies, after you do all beauty treatments, please do not forget to once again look in the mirror, not to break the psyche of others. Do not do that made these beauty - do not make the mistake!

She knows now in the trend.

refined soul ...

Severe woman.

A little too far ...

No eyebrows? Draw! B>


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