How to choose the shape of eyebrows: just a couple of strokes - and you've changed beyond recognition!

If the eyes - a mirror of the soul, the eyebrows, of course, play the role of framing. Have you, like a lot of attention is paid to their eyebrows, creating an image? After correctly selected the shape not only the faithful will put the emphasis on the person, but also emphasize the beauty and depth of your eyes!

Selecting the shape of eyebrows to the type of person, it is important to remember that they also shape the character of our appearance: it will help to make the eyebrows look more strict or lenient. gathered key recommendations for the formation of the ideal eyebrow.

1. The inner corner inner corner of the eyebrows and eyes should be on the same vertical. To view did not look sad, the outer corner of the eyebrows should always be higher than the internal.

2. If you are the owner of "the incident" eyebrow shape, be sure to pull out his "tail." This prevents eyes from the sad look and make you look younger.

3. The two accounts will face slightly younger truncated or widely spaced eyebrows.

4. If your eyebrows thick and very wide - do not rush to pull them! It is proved that men regard it as a sign of a passionate woman. Such eyebrows fit young girl with luxuriant hair, except for the owners of a round face shape.

5. Remember that accrete on the nose, very round eyebrows old face. The same effect causes severe drooping ends of the eyebrows. To this list should be added the eyebrows, strings that look very unnatural and also add to your age five years.

Eyebrows - a very important element of our appearance. To look dazzling and engage the views must necessarily take into account the structural features of the face, rather than blindly chase fashion. And, of course, do not forget to take care of eyebrows after the correction, for example by using a compress of chamomile and oak bark.

Save yourself these recommendations and whether it is beautiful!

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