Waiting reality: 10 myths about ideal family life, which you bought. Do you recognize yourself?

Having read in childhood tales of Cinderella, Snow White and other beauties, many, of course, unequivocally believe in the phrase, "And they lived happily ever after." After that, every girl crazy waiting for the moment when there will be a prince with a horse even though without it, and the veil on the head will finally not because of my mother's tulle, and the most that neither is real. However, our wise grandmother knowingly repeated "Marry - not to attack, if it had not married to the abyss." And they were right. In contrast to the good stories, in real life, everything is much more prosaic ...

It offers you a selection of the most common myths about family life. Such hopes nourish all those who have not had the luck to seal the knot their hearts. Familiar?

1. We have everything, everything we do together! B>

2. She will cook me breakfast. B>

3. He would buy me a fur coat. B>

4. We sovem cozy nest. B>

6. We will have a wonderful vacation home. B>

7. And after work, we'll go to the theater and restaurants. B>

8. There will be no scandals due bins. B>

9. We're going to spend the weekend together. B>

10. And anyway, we'll be like a fairy tale! B>

As you can see, waiting too often do not coincide with reality. But do not despair - you yourself are able to build just such a family, what you want. Truth be told, that each hut their rattles. Therefore it depends on you: your life will be like the pictures on the left or right.

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