19 pairs of pupils, to his ears in love with each other. For them, the comparison of "like cats and dogs" - quite a compliment!

Cats and dogs - the worst enemy or best friend? This selection will allow you to finally close the eternal question. Under one roof shaggy couple get along just fine! The dog finds a good friend in a new playmate and courageous partner of stealing food from the top shelves of cabinets. For a cat a dog - and transport and a comfortable bed and a hefty warmer. In short, these two certainly sing! Another thing is that the owner cope with the two thieves will not be easy, but there is nothing you can do. But children with pet zoo - expanse!

1. "You go to sleep, go to sleep, and then run». B>

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2. "Mmm, elegant duvet!» B>

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3. Here it is, comrade, to whom you can really rely on! B>

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4. A friend and a sofa in one person, what could be better! B>

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5. "Vasya, it's not plush mouse!» B>

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6. "Yes, I'm joking, kidding, are not you foster ...»

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7. "Breathe. Do not breathe. Again, breathe ». B>

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8. However, running together and sleep without hind legs. B>

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9. "And I, too, will have the wool, when I grow up?» B>

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10. "Because we're a band!» B>

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11. Time for a relaxing massage. B>

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12. "Long time no see, brother!» B>

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13. Caution Photography can cause an overabundance of emotion in your body! B>

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14. "A friend of mine! And all of you - envy! » B>

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15. "Er ... dear, I can explain everything, right!» B>

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16. "Come down already strangled! I am also glad to see you! » B>

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17. "Well, time to take off, as we look cool?» B>

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18. "We're the same blood. White. Fluffy. Lazy ». B>

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19. "A good sit, one!» B>

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