22 hilarious SMS correspondence, which could only happen between friends.

«strong friendship will not break, no debonding of the rains and blizzards» i> - sung in the famous children's song. That's just when this musical masterpiece was born, mankind is not yet aware of this now popular device, like a mobile phone. And with the help of this device, as experience shows, can quarrel even those who ate more than a peck of salt together. It's enough to send a friend a short message with a trick that can break your warm attitude to the nines.

Internet publication has prepared for you a selection of 22 fun SMS that can send only real friends. After these hilarious SMS correspondences understand that friends - it's not you dance to drive, as they say. The benefit of true friends for a long time do not take offense and understand each other's jokes.


«Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are» i>, - once said Euripides. Only friends can understand each other perfectly, and even polusoobscheniya polusteba. Sometimes it seems that this fellow even one brain for two, is so similar they think. At the end I want to say one thing more expensive than those with whom you feel at ease and can be great fun, who sees you for who you are, - they are your true friends. And do not forget to share with them this selection, they will certainly appreciate!

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