30 ads, which it is impossible to pass by. Prohibitive originality!

Have you ever given or read the ads? I think the answer is obvious. Surely you know what to pay attention to the advertisement, it is necessary to try: to pay the newspaper's website, or in more bold or more advantageous location. Well, if you hang ads on the street, it is necessary to stand out creativity.

Today editorial team offers you a selection of announcements, the authors were able to surprise them with their creative approach. Past such masterpieces impossible to pass. We were amused, they hope that they too will raise your spirits. Happy viewing!

Gods Marketing

Russian Hogwarts

And I immediately wanted to buy something ...

How did she look?

The man instead of the carrot and stick

Cry from the heart

If the stool stolen - it means someone needs

Travel guide


And just somehow became more fun

The best menu for Friday night

For the sake of it and tried to ...

Discrimination. Karamzin resents

It is very easy to understand

There is nothing to hover young bones

And abruptly began to learn ...


The most important thing is fair

You can pat

Oh, those Asians

seems to be little animals brought, and kinder not started ...


Call me to eat, I also respond

Dental truth

All at once will not work

Street philosophy

In my opinion, too many requirements

Dreams Come True

The wording solve all

And as a bonus optimistic cake

Still, the creative potential of our people have nowhere to go, so there are ads here. Share them with your friends, because, as we remember from the children's song, smile back, if it with someone to share.


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