These 22 pictures of the sky, made in different parts of the world, will make your heart beat faster!

For centuries, people flock to the sights in the sky, trying to solve all kinds of natural phenomena, to predict the future and understand their place in this world. Many years later, when no one is afraid of thunder and lightning, and know why the rain, people still have reverence for celestial embroidery. Especially exciting is the spectacle of the night sky, which could see the stars, the planets, the moon, nebulae and galaxies. When you look at all this, you feel a little grain of sand in a huge world where so many things unknown and unexplored. Just like our ancestors, who seriously believed that the comet - a harbinger of a great misfortune, and that the sun goes down, when the horizon is hidden divine chariot.

1. Milky Way Radio Tower (Southern Finland)

2. Southern Milky Way (Patagonia, Argentina)

3. Meteor rain over Denver (Colorado, USA)

4. Northern Lights (Iceland)

5. Aurora Borealis over the stones Callanish (Isle of Lewis, Scotland)

6. A fabulous night on Easter Island

7. Aurora Borealis

8. Milky Way over Devils Tower (Wyoming, USA)

9. Spangled night sky

10. Area 51 (US)

11. The Time Machine

12. At the edge of night (Dambliung Lake, Western Australia)

13. Thunderstorm near Broken Bow (Nebraska, USA)

14. Dance galaxies (Mount Cook, New Zealand)

15. Eye of the Universe (180-degree panorama over Australia)

16. During the collision of universes (Washington, USA)

17. The sky above the Arctic Lofoten (Norway)

18. The Milky Way (New Mexico, USA)

19. Mount Rila (Bulgaria)

20. An ancient tree on a background of the sky

21. Galactic panorama in the middle of the desert in Arizona

22. Search for life beyond our planet

These 22 photos - the best pictures of heaven, which I have ever seen! Do not forget to share with your friends so that they too can enjoy such a wonderful staff!

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