At first glance, this is an ordinary bum. But you'd be surprised, what's his secret!

We have already written about the fact that the first impression is often deceptive. That is exactly what this bum who lives on the streets of Paris. When you see him sitting on the sidewalk and begging, it is difficult to imagine that this man is capable of anything more.

Nevertheless, this middle-aged man named Jacques is able to give a head start to any young athlete, handsome. The secret of a man without a roof over your head is the fact that for many years he has been bodybuilding. Jacques carefully monitor their diet and consume protein bars and shakes. It uses a homemade device to keep in shape, and every day has been hard and long.

At first glance, it may seem that this is an ordinary bum.

But actually in front of you a real bodybuilder!

Every day he persevere, to keep yourself in shape.

According to Jacques, the sport became his salvation in this life.

Instead of drugs, he spends on charity protein shakes.

To Parisians and visitors alike, Jacques was a real celebrity.

This 50-year-old man should serve everyone of us an example of how you can keep yourself in good shape in spite of everything. You may object and say that even the homeless in France more opportunities to play sports than the average citizen of your country. And you can stop themselves to justify and finally do them. The choice is yours!


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