It's the happiest people in the world! The mysterious tribe that will radically change your beliefs.

Did you ever see a man who would consider himself lucky? I know these people! And it is not in the earthly wealth or other worldly goods ... They do not know what God and religion, they have no shame or conscience in the traditional sense of those words. This marvelous people live today, here and now, and know that happiness is not somewhere, and it is rooted within each of us. These people are an Indian tribe feasts.

Ethnographer and linguist Daniel Everett lived among this nation for about 30 years. During this time he overestimated his life and abruptly changed his views. What had been the supreme authority, for it has lost its value. At one point, he even lost faith in human values. From a Christian missionary, this man turned into an atheist. Yet such steep change it in any case does not consider degradation, on the contrary - it is now, Daniel, in fact, understand for yourself what it means to live and love life.

What is so radically obedient Christian life is turned by 180 °? He just realized that we do bind ourselves to unnecessary, often unnecessary things, and you can live a completely different way and still feel happy. Want to be happy? Learn the secret of happiness from a mysterious tribal feasts.

People who do not know what "enough sleep»

Instead of the traditional "Good night!" Or "Sweet dreams!" In the tribe feasts taken to prevent all such encounters ignorant sleep instruction: "Just do not try to sleep! There is everywhere a snake! "The members of the tribe and is considered a dream at all a waste of time. They believe that after sleeping person wakes up another. Long sleep - is to change yourself, because you have to wake up a new person and cease to be themselves. To resume the vitality and energy they usually Quemaro fitfully for 20-30 minutes.

People, for which there is no tomorrow

They do not care about what they will bring the day to come, he will take care of themselves tomorrow. For Daniel Everett was a great discovery that the people leading almost primitive way of life, do not harvest the food stocks. Members of the tribe feasts like to eat, so to speak, and eat svezhatinoy everything that comes into their hands. There are common hunting and fishing. Besides, these people do not engage in gluttony and eat slowly - a maximum of 2 times a day. They even have special fasting days.

these people in what numbers

Remember the saying of "The Little Prince" that people are too fixated on numbers and instead ask you something substantial, usually ask questions about how old you are or how much you earn. So when Everett went on an expedition, he intended to explore the unique language of the tribe feasts. Nothing like a talented linguist else in life never met. It turns out that there are only seven consonants and three vowels. At banquets in the head does not fit, which means that the concept of "one." For them it is a complex philosophical category that only a man is fit to comprehend the higher mind. Tribesmen do not know what numbers and accounts. They cost only two concepts - "somewhat" and "a lot».

They are not familiar with the concept of "civility»

Christian evangelists feasts meet are usually very friendly, almost with open arms. But almost all the missionaries are defeated when an attempt is made to instruct the Indians on the right path. The vocabulary feasts there is no such forms of courtesy as a "thank you", "please", "sorry", "hello", "how are you", "Goodbye." Admit it, many of us, uttering these words, they do not ponder over their meaning. Indian feasts, to express their love and respect, does not need any words. They believe that politeness - is the fruit of distrust each other.

These people have no shame or conscience

Lack of shame they practically blood. This is part of their education - not to shame the child since birth. Pirahtsy will never deny a child to do something. They can give guidance to the kid, but then the child he makes his choice. He sees what he wants. For example, if breast baby does not want to eat and do not take the mother's breast - do not feed him by force. If a woman is to give birth to the river and in the end can not be delivered, so she really did not want to give birth, she wants to die. It makes no sense to flee there to dissuade her. She made her choice. However, its decision could still affect her husband. Perhaps he will find strong arguments to convince her otherwise.

The people who see more than usual

These people did not have any religious beliefs and rituals are virtually absent. Bible stories sound like a fairy tale for them. They have no concept of the one God. They do not know what fear is in the conventional sense of the word. They see themselves as children of the forest. Wood for them - the whole universe, inhabited by many spirits, which the Indians feasts sometimes even communicate. Once Everett woke up one morning and noticed that all the villagers gathered for some reason at the shore. As it turned out later, the Indians visited by the spirit, and they are with him something lively discussion. On the part of the picture looked like this: the crowd standing around the empty space and simply talking with them. In the words of Daniel: "There is no one! I can not see! "Said members of the tribe, and that he is not allowed to see. This spirit has come precisely to feasts. And if the spirit of the need to communicate something Everett, he will come to him.

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Instead of learning the truths of the Christian feasts, Daniel Everett himself learned from them the simple truth - to be happy, one does not need religion. These bright, constantly smiling and pure in heart people showed him how to live differently. Perhaps you have something to learn from them ... Tell me about this strange tribe your friends.


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