Tradition embodied in the fabric 12 most original national women's costumes.

Each nationalities living in our great planet, protects their traditions. They have created over the centuries, changed under the pressure of circumstances, forget and again revived. One of the main traditions of any nation - is wearing national dress. In some cultures it is so original and beautiful, her kind of makes you want to learn more about the culture of these people. Particularly striking its magnificence women's suits, because women were women of fashion at all times and in all countries. In this selection of photos you can see the most interesting options for women's clothing from around the world.

Traditional Indian women wear saris called. This is an incredibly feminine, very beautiful clothes, which gracefully follows every curve of the female body. Depending on the region of the country, it can vary in appearance, materials and patterns of embroidery.

National clothes of Chinese women is called Qipao. This long dress is most often red and golden yellow. It is these colors are considered China's symbols of wealth and prosperity.

Mongolian national dress formed under the influence of the nomadic way of life. It combines elements of several cultures, namely: Russian, Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism.

The Kazakh national dress, too, can find elements of culture of neighboring peoples. Embroidery on their costumes combines the features of Russian, Tatar, Kyrgyz and Turkmen culture. Currently, the culture of Kazakhstan is emerging from its long-term destruction of national traditions in the twentieth century.

National costume of Japan called a kimono. It highlights the shoulders and waist to hide figure flaws. In the view of the Japanese ideal body composition - one in which less than all bumps and irregularities.

Saudi Arabia
Traditional women's clothing of the Arabian Peninsula called abaya. This outerwear soft tissue. Abay is a cross between a cape and a free dress. Abai color is almost always black.

At the heart of the traditional Azeri dress is easy to cut and richness of decoration.

Traditional clothing is called Hanbok Koreans. It is sewn from fabric bright monochrome. Hanbok usually consists of Chogori (blouse or shirt), jacket and long skirt.

National costume Russians traditionally consists of a shirt, Panev (loin clothes), tunics, belts, shoes, hats and jewelry. Famous Russian headdress - kokoshnik - it was borrowed from the Finno-Ugric peoples in the XIII century.

Ukrainian women's costume - a shirt embroidered and one option waist dress - Durga, the reserve or Plahtiy. In cold weather outfit complemented sleeveless, called korsetkami or kiptaryami. At the head of a woman putting on different hoods covering their long handkerchief.

Female Bulgarian national costume - a dark woolen sundress called sukman, white shirt in a tunic, the color belt buckle heavy bonded and bright colored apron. Shoes made of rawhide, it is usually worn with woolen stockings, decorated with different patterns.

Vietnamese women's national costume is called ao dai. It is a dress with two slits, which is usually worn over pants.

If the information on the national costumes of women from around the world to show you an interesting and informative, do not forget to share it with your friends. Perhaps it will inspire them to buy their country's national costume.

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