14 dogs that eerily afraid of water. Such mimicry and people do not often see ...

In a world of so many stereotypes and there's nothing you can do about it. For example, once it accepted that dogs love the water, and the cat is at best indifferent to it. But there are cats who love to take a shower. Similarly, in the world quite a lot of dogs that can not tolerate any kind of swimming. These faces clearly raise your mood. In their eyes, read the fear, the horror, disgust and lack of understanding for what it is "punishment". In short, let's watch together ...

The treacherous attack of water on the dog ...

Forgot to remove the parking brake.

«Get me out of here!»

«So, I do not panic, but just quickly swim to shore ...»

«From the shore it seemed more fun stunt ...»


In my opinion, he has already resigned ...

«Never again you will not listen!»

«I will not go-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo!»

«every man for himself!»

«Maybe I'll wait for you on the bank?»

«I do not approve!»

«Why are not warned that the water is cold?»

«Finally it ended ...»

Well, as you these mordahi? Admit it, that they are forced to smile. If you cheer up this selection, you should not be greedy, share it with your friends and acquaintances using social networks.

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