Destructive classification visitors gyms. Shortly and truthfully!

How many do not speak about the importance of the wealth of the inner world of man, it is "meet on clothes." Therefore, such an attitude to the appearance and forces people to enroll in gyms. Everything is simple: if you are athletic and pumped up, then cool. Many people forget that we are engaged in sports in the first place to maintain the vitality and overall health. And for the same visit many places of sports - just a fashionable trend. It turns out that the fact of staying in the gym does not always equate to employment in itself. In this playful classification shows the main types of visitors rocking. Do not be offended if you learn it yourself, but do not leave the sport!


Classic pitching

They are already engaged in gyms for many years, and even a couple of decades in a row. "Mutants" they do not like and called unreal pitching. With people from the "lower ranks" classic pitching especially not communicate, but if we turn to him for advice, assistance is guaranteed to you.



Their good metabolism only envy! However, one has only to blow the breeze from an air conditioner as these visitors a little carried away. Even the special meal no effect on them. Therefore go and "weakling" to the gym to gain muscle mass.


In fact, "snowdrops" - a very interesting site. First, they winter, eating vkushnyashki the computer, after reading various materials on the gyms, and then come in the spring and put into a stupor experienced coach their tricky questions. It is easy to guess that the halls they can be seen almost exclusively in March.



Usually it is the girls with good figures that are just in the locker room have time to make some photos with a dozen sports. There are couples, as one does not go to be photographed on the simulator. Unfortunately, the "self-maniacs" is increasingly becoming among men ┬╗.



These include men with a beer belly, which are recorded in the gyms of their wives. They are lazy and soon also become the "talkers." A month later disappear.



In this category are middle managers. It seems that without a job, they can not live a minute. "Reshaly" using bluetooth headset manage to solve various problems of the workers, even on a treadmill!



Or pyshechki - a girl, who suffer from being overweight. They perform all the instructions and the coach is very trying. However, after training immediately runs into rolls and candy. After a short period of say goodbye to the hall with frustrated feelings, but surely proving that they have "wide bone┬╗.



It chemists who not only know all the elements of the periodic table, but also use them inside. Sometimes it may seem that they are not trained how to take the drugs.



Yes, there are users who would just talk and is not about sports. For a long time in the halls, they do not stay.


Alpha pitching

Beautiful, well-groomed, tanned - it's only men who go to the gym with the romantic purpose: they would have a relationship with is not very experienced athletes. "Alfa-pitching" happy to help the young beauties, but avoid "sochnikov", but would not tarnish his reputation.

Of course, this classification can be called a comic. But in every joke there is a grain of truth. The main thing - sport for yourself, and then you will be in the category of "true sportsman." If you enjoyed this article, do not forget to share with your friends. Perhaps they recognize themselves.

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