The shortest consultation with a psychologist when specialist - a master of his craft!

There is a perception that "each his own psychologist." There's something in it, but I agree completely with these conclusions can not. Psychology - the science is so thin that not all the strength to be able to get to the depths of the human soul. We know that our problems in many cases are associated with the accumulated experiences of children and their resolve in adulthood is not so easy. To help deal can only be a person with good advice and it is not someone from relatives or friends with his "all is well" and a psychologist.

This story tells a representative of such a difficult profession, father and son. Dad was so dissatisfied with his process, even at the request of his wife went with her to a psychological consultation. How shocking it is, what's the problem lies. But so do many parents! After reading the story, you'll learn about the main mistake in the education of children, and will not forget that kids often do not have only one thing ...

came together. Husband and wife. First time I have. I'm tired (5th consultation), hungry and this, somehow calm and composed. I>

- I'm the first time a psychologist! - Says an irritated man. Nodules go. All kind of showing "What the hellĀ». I>

- My wife persuaded! i>

- And? i>

- and what? !!! Son with us. I have. Moron! - Inflamed it. I>

- Blockhead - a psychiatric diagnosis - I say wearily. - Your son is in this sense a moron? I>

Man has looked at me, as debilka. Then he looks at his wife with a silent question: "You whom I led, finally ?!" She cringed, sitting on the edge of his chair, his eyes assigns. Hands clamped between his knees. He frowned in annoyance, he turns to me, silent. I, too. It does not stand up. Angry even more. I>

- Here you train like a psychologist, right? Hmm. Well, tell me then, what I do with it? I>

- Who? i>

- With son! i>

- What about him? i>

The man rounds the eyes, surprised at my stupidity and inability to read minds. Again, turning to his wife with the expression: "Where were you this fool has found?" But his wife experienced fighter, sitting without looking up, and only by how pale her face, I realize - all the power she had gone out to bring her husband to I. i>

- He does not see the shores, you know. Milksop. 14 years old, and behaves as like ... i>

- How? i>

- I come home. After work. Shoes are the middle of the mat. I told him: "You're at least something in this life, you know how? Boots least put in place. " A hundred times told him, put shoes on the side, so there is a moron, do not understand. Everything in life gets easy. Phone that's broke. He does not appreciate. No shares nothing with me. Mother out rude. House does nothing. All words, as the wall peas. No shame, no conscience. And here, like how to conduct myself with him ?! How to find a common language. You did a psychologist, well, so be advised! Do you have a recipe? I>

- Yes, - I answered, breaking all the canons of psychological counseling. i>

- And the solution there? i>

- There - stunned by his audacity to even more. i>

You know, there is an algorithm psychological counseling. Especially the first one. And I was taught that the first meeting - a collection of information, the query definition, the establishment of contact. Neither of which no speech therapy. Especially about what else the decision. What came over me ... i>

- Do I understand correctly that you do not know how to talk to her son and can not find common language with him? i>

- Well, yes, said the same! i>

- There is a solution, very simple. But I do not know whether you will cope with it - with absolutely genuine doubt I say. I>

- Well? Speak! I>

- It does not say you must do this. i>

- What do something? i>

- How to name your son? i>

- Anton. i>

And then I really Greyhound (colleagues will understand me what I), took out a sheet of paper, marker writing on it, "the son of Anton, 14 years old," put in a corner cabinet and invite the man to present his son, standing on this sheet . i>

- I get it? - I ask. I>

- Yes. i>

- And now slow steps go to the sheet, stand on it, log in and become the image of his son. i>

With a clear doubt on his face, he does it. He closes his eyes. I>

- Now tell me what you feel? i>

- a terrible loneliness. Tears in his throat. I want to cry. I>

- From what? i>

- From resentment. All pulled, shpynyayut. That is not so, it is. I do not want to live. I like some freak for all. I>

- For whom all? i>

- Well, for all. i>

- For whom? i>

- Well, the father. i>

- What would like him? i>

- To once praised. I asked how the case. In order not to shout. To ... I am just a man to be proud of me. I>

- Inhale and exhale get out from the sheet. i>

The man quietly coming to a chair and sits down. Silence. A woman wipes her tears. I>

- I understood everything - suddenly it was almost a whisper quiet. - Got it. I myself also feel small. And some reproaches from his father. Now I'm the same way. I understood everything. Thank you. I>

His eyes are green and my wife. Clear. And his ears some good, touching ... i>

18 minutes still lasted. First time in my life. I>

Praise ... The child is often not enough simply banal words "well done", "clever" and the like. Vulnerable child's soul can not bear only one criticism, and then from inferiority complexes, accumulated in childhood, over the years, it is difficult to get rid of. Love and praise his greatest value in life, no matter what happened. And also share stories with your friends - they will also be useful and interesting to learn about the small reception psychologist from God.

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