When it is necessary to consult a psychologist of the child

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For the education of child development requires not only physical and mental effort, but also teaching. It is important to feel the baby, its needs, desires, talents, and, however, to take into account all the modern trends and opportunities. Parents are not always able to cope with a toddler, when his behavior was out from under parental control. In this case, it is necessary to take action, but so as not to hurt him. If you notice that the child's behavior – a continuous challenge, it is time to see a specialist. More information can be found on the website http://centrrossta.ru/service/detskij-psikholog. Child psychologist inexpensively provide consultation, will help to understand the situation and will offer solutions to the problems.

Child psychologist: what function it performs?
A child psychologist is not a doctor, he is not authorized to diagnose and treat medical. It should not be confused with a psychiatrist who provides specialized medical care.

The psychologist does not assess in appearance and does not take into account characteristics of the organism. Its main objective is using gaming methodology to help psychologically. Game ways and methods that help the child to open up, and professionals to understand the issues and find ways to solve it. After playing, the child reveals his feelings. It is important to understand when the child needs counseling. It is better to consult specialists in the following cases:
  • Causing the child's behavior, especially if the parents are unable to evaluate it objectively.
  • The emergence of phobias and fears. For example, a child refuses to fall asleep alone, afraid of the dark, does not rejoice in the property, has many other fears. It is important to overcome them.
  • Shyness and modesty. Such traits may affect self-esteem and the child's ability to communicate. In this case, the psychologist will help to overcome shyness, become open and free to communicate with others.
  • Reason for counseling can become aggression. The problem is not new, often the baby, there are attacks of anger, the child may hit someone of the parents is an animal, broken toys. It is important to know that aggression could not occur without reasons. You need to understand the problem and to eliminate the cause, otherwise the child will "go away".
  • Counseling is required if performance in school began to decline, the child is hyperactive and often gets into a force majeure situation.

If Your kid observed one or more of the above features, it is worth an appointment.


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