I froze in horror: this photo from festival of cat and dog meat shocked the world.

We all know that in Chinese cuisine can prepare a meal out of anything. In the course of attending any living creatures, whether it be snakes or locusts. Even in our country is gradually getting used to such exotic cuisine, and increasingly can be seen to open a restaurant of Chinese cuisine. But some Chinese culinary preferences still plunged us into shock.

So perfect savagery in our eyes looks annual festival of cat and dog meat, which takes place in the Chinese city of Yulin. Here, our four-legged friends find a normal meal. Moreover, the festival decided, inter alia, to bring small animals alive, the butcher would kill the animal liked in front of the buyer. This heartbreaking photo was taken exactly at this moment.

Fortunately, the defenders of the animals at the last moment managed to save the cat, as well as many of his relatives and dogs.

The activists from the League for Animal Welfare (Animal Rescue League) transported the cat, along with other animal rescue shelter in Washington. This nickname was lucky Hur, and now goes to adapt to a new life. Soon he will find the owners.

Despite numerous protests by animal rights festival in Yulin demand continues to cat lovers and dog meat. And many of these beautiful animals are killed by a knife from a butcher.

Of course, it is impossible to suddenly ban Chinese have cats and dogs. But you need to pay attention to this spooky festival. After all, animals are not sacrificed just for food, but also kept in intolerable conditions, and the slaughter takes place barbaric methods. Often the poor animals smoked and boiled alive, to give them a special freshness of taste.

In these photos you can not look without a shudder. If you are touched by the fate of cats and dogs, then help spread the word among their friends. After all, only by working together can achieve, if not a ban on the use of these animals for food, or at least cancel the festival, and a humane attitude to our younger brothers.

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