Scientists have shown how lack of sleep affects our body

46-year-old Briton Sarah Chalmers took part in the study, "Sleep deprivation", which was supposed to demonstrate how a lack of sleep affects our body. By reducing sleep for a few hours, the researchers found significant changes in appearance zhenschiny.Pered the experiment, the scientists analyzed the condition of the skin. It turned out that due to lack of sleep pores increased by 2 times, and on the surface of the skin appeared pokrasneniya.Vot that on this occasion she says Sarah, "I looked much older than his years. I've got circles under the eyes, enlarged pores and chin began to appear strange dark spots. I quickly became tired and irritable. And I hated reflected ".First time, the woman slept only 4 pieces per day, from 2 am to 6 am. The next morning she did not feel tired, but could not say that it is sufficiently rested. "By three o'clock in the afternoon, I felt a strange feeling, like a hangover" - Sarah describes her sostoyanie.Zatem sleep increased to 6 hours. So Sarah looked after a 6-hour sna.

In the middle of the week it will start to get tired and began to eat more sweet. Scientists have explained it this way: "Because of the lack of sleep produces cortisol - a stress hormone. Because of this, the person becomes more irritable. Also, lack of sleep activates the sebaceous glands, which leads to problems with the skin. In addition, the lack of night rest stop production of growth hormones, the body responsible for update ".On the last stage of Sarah again began to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Just a week later, skin problems are in the past and the woman became less razdrazhitelnoy.


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