"Diamonds from the sky." Chemists carbon nanofibers received from air (from CO2)

The group of chemists from the George Washington University, led by Professor Stuart Licht developed technology for cost-effective conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO 2 sub>) directly in expensive carbon nanofibers, which are necessary for the production of consumer goods and industrial products.

Process technology is really very cheap: the process goes by itself, receiving energy from the solar installation. Energy consumption for the production of ($ 1,000 per tonne, that is a dollar per kilogram) can be obtained in several hundred times lower than the current market value of the product. And most importantly, the technique has already been tested: a prototype is assembled and successfully works.

Carbon nanofibers are used in the production of high-carbon composites, which make the body of a sports car and the body airplanes, wind turbines, high-quality sports facilities: bike frames, handles of tennis rackets, and much more. The only problem is that carbon composites have so far been very expensive, so the removal of carbon dioxide from the air can make a real revolution in the industry.

Professor Licht calls created by the technology of "Diamonds from the sky."

Carbon nanofibers produced by electrolytic synthesis. The process consists of several stages.

1. The power plant of the concentrator and solar cell generates electricity and also heats the electrolytic cell.

2. CO 2 sub> is transformed into molten carbonates at a temperature of 750 ° C.

3. The electrolytic cell is added air from the atmosphere, and the electrodes of the cell voltage is applied. The electrodes are made of nickel and steel.

4. Under the influence of temperature to 750 ° C and an electric current is less than 1 volt CO 2 sub> is divided into atoms.

5. Carbon nanofibers formed on the steel electrode, where they can be removed.

Interestingly, this production is a pleasant side effect: you can slightly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and reduce the greenhouse effect, which leads to heating of the planet Venus on the model.

Professor Licht estimated that if the power plant of this type to cover 10% of the area of ​​the Sahara desert, then in ten years you can return the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to pre-industrial levels.

August 19, 2015 the authors of представили its work on the 250 th meeting of the American Chemical Society.

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