We are all stupid kittens

-Scientific Proved that dogs love us because they get the same charge of oxytocin at the sight of us, and that we are looking at them.
You want to say that dogs look at us and think "oh * enet a syusipusechny MAZ * aka»?
-I Read an article a long time that dogs love us, but they understand that we are different from them, and cats see us as a large and clumsy cats without making a difference between humans and cats
-Sobaki: I'm furry creature, and you more charming creature and I love you !!!
Cats: I am slim and graceful, and you Schmendrick overgrown
-That's Why cats sometimes we try to wash and feed
It's true: the cat treated us as stupid giant hairless pups. That's why they bring us strangled mice - to teach us how to hunt and eat. That's why they attack when we pat them on the stomach - as parents teach cats kittens self-defense. As it explains meow - adult cats communicate in a frequency inaudible to the human ear, but kittens meow, because their ears are not yet formed. They even have a set of meows especially for people, because we are very young deaf.


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