Analysis of activity of Windows 10 from the Czech edition Aeronet

The most interesting thing:

1. The system every 30 minutes to Microsoft all the text that you type (not only in the search). So if you, for example, somewhere wrote about vacation, you will be shown the relevant advertisement.

2. Every 30 minutes, it also sends your location and connected network.

3. If you dial a phone number in the browser Edge, it is sent to the MS within 5 minutes.

4. If you are in any place, for example, wrote the name of a movie, Windows will automatically start scanning your media, and send information about them to Microsoft.

6. After the first connection webcams Windows also sends information about this to the MS. Most likely, your photo.

7. All that you say is automatically sent to Microsoft, even if you disable or remove Kortanu. The fact that she was sewn into the kernel.

8. Blocking IP over hosts will not help: in the address zahardkozheny DLL'ah.

If you still do not like it, then look for a free alternative to Windows, such as different distributions of Linux.


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