ISS passes over the disk of the Moon: Photo by NASA

ISS is visible just to the right of the center of the moon. Photo: Bill Ingalls / NASA i>

Amateur photographers often take pictures of celestial bodies that are rare even among professional astronomers. But experts can not work worse than amateurs. Proof of this can serve as a snapshot of the ISS passes over the disk of the moon, made by a qualified photographer from NASA. The photographer was only 0, 82 seconds out to capture a station on the background of our companion. The photo was taken August 2, 2015.

This is the second time in a few days, when the moon attracts amateur astronomers. August 31 we watched & quot; Blue Moon & quot ;, the second time - now, thanks to the said photos.

It is worth mentioning that make the picture of the ISS on the background of the moon is not so difficult, but it requires a fair amount of exposure and training. "It's not the most difficult picture. The most important part - the preparation, collection of data on where and when the ISS will be held, as well as to explore the possibilities and limitations of the equipment. Then it is important to accurately determine its own position and still - good weather conditions. It was not our first attempt, so the error log and repeat - a good lesson, "- said the author of the picture, Bill Ingalls (Bill Ingalls), photographer NASA.

Photo: Bill Ingalls / NASA i>

The team are well prepared, and 2 August, during the passage of the ISS on the disk of the moon, the desired images have been obtained. The station is moving at a speed of about 8 kilometers per second. Despite the fact that the picture of the ISS looks pretty close to the moon's disc, the distance from the satellite to the stations was 402,336 km. Before the Earth from the ISS - just 402 km away.



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