Elon Musk is funding the research groups involved in the question - whether artificial intelligence is safe

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Last week, a private non-profit organization & quot; Future of Life Institute & quot; (FLI), located in Boston (USA), объявила that received a significant round of funding of $ 10 million. The bulk of the donations to the $ 7 million made Elon Musk, the rest of the money has been transferred to another non-profit organization Open Philanthropy Project . The main occupation of FLI is finding specialized research groups working in the field of artificial intelligence, and their financing. One of the goals set before scientists receiving grants from the FLI, is the development of a safe for mankind "computer intelligence", which did not lead to in the future to a global catastrophe.

Millions of dollars from the head of SpaceX and groups Open Philanthropy Project will share the 37 research groups that work in well-known universities and well established. BusinessInsider перечисляет Some of these research projects. For example, the united group of scientists Berkeley and Okforda busy creating algorithms that are trained human preferences that in the future would help AI to behave "like a man." Staff at Duke University (North Carolina, USA) have set themselves a more ambitious goal: they want to develop a system of artificial intelligence that could decide taking into account the "human morality". The University of Denver is actually working on ways to counter the "Skynet", in dealing with a possible loss of control of the robotic arms.

At the end of November last year, Elon Musk marked in a public debate on the internet about the safety of artificial intelligence. According to the head of SpaceX, he is wary of the possibility of computers to think and predicts the emergence of "something very dangerous in the range of 5-10 years," meaning by this danger just AI. For some unknown reason Comment mask disappeared a few minutes after publication, but others Edge.org managed to save it as a screenshot. A spokesman for Mask promised in the future to present the official opinion of his boss on the matter, but that, apparently, has not yet happened.

It should be noted that the mask is actually the view of the famous British scientist Stephen Hawking, who even earlier spoke as follows: "All these achievements [ in the development of artificial intelligence] pales against the backdrop of what awaits us in the coming decades. The successful creation of artificial intelligence will be the biggest event in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, it may be the last, unless we learn to avoid risks. " Hawking believes that the study of safety of AI devoted too little serious scientific works and there is too little research organizations that could do it. Interestingly, among those organizations mentioned Hawking and FLI. Is there any connection between Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk is not known.

There is an alternative point of view of scientists, though not with such a big name like Professor Hawking. They believe that the issue of release of artificial intelligence out of control - it's more a topic for science fiction films than for serious concern. Read their counterarguments can here .

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