Replacement whales

After the international community expressed its consolidated protest against the use in the decoration is made initially in the northern capital, and later - in Estonia, the most expensive in the world armored car Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition Skin reproductive organs whales masculine developers to find him, maybe not the most equivalent, replacement yet.
Recall, after the company announced the use in interior decoration of the car Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition SUV whale skin of the foreskin, but was forced to abandon its plans in response to numerous complaints about animal rights. International environmental organizations have expressed outrage at the use in exterior luxury car leather reproductive organs of the largest mammals on Earth.

Angry letters to the manufacturer's written by representatives of Greenpeace, WWF World Wildlife and even the American film star Pamela Anderson, who became known that the car seat in leather, of course removed from.
The company responded with a press release, which says: "We did not have the goal to kill whales or make something similar. All we wanted - just create a luxury car. A truly exclusive, world number one ... We were looking for the most expensive materials, so why did you choose the skin with whale penis. After a wave of protests we realized his mistake and decided not to use the natural leather. We will focus on the most advanced nanotechnology to get artificial materials of the highest quality that has never been used in the automotive industry.

We would like to welcome all whales: "Our Sea Brothers! We all know that the earth rests on three pillars - we will keep you alive! Do not allow the land to fall into the ocean! "
The assurances of the founders, the machine is equipped with gold-plated bulletproof windows, dashboard encrusted with diamonds and rubies.
Luxurious armored vehicle is available in two versions - coupe (hardtop) and wagon (St.Wagon) and is equipped with a 400-horsepower gasoline engine or 360-horsepower diesel engine accelerates 4, 5-ton armored car to 180 km / h. Of course, there are all conceivable "extras" - leather interior, multi-zone climate control, xenon headlights, seat adjustment in eight directions, rearview camera, a great sound system, etc.
But the overriding problem of the car - to protect life riders. The car is offered with a variety of security packages up to the highest B7, which means, for example, neprobivaemost for armor piercing bullet with the AK-47 and even the ability to withstand explosions solid strength.


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