Vietnamese chicken, more like dragons

A distinctive feature of the breed chickens rare Vietnamese Dong Tao are imposing massive paws that are not normally inherent in such medium-sized birds. This breed chickens are bred exclusively in the community Dong Tao, which is 30 kilometers from Hanoi. A rare breed, once bred specifically for kitchens of the royal family and mandarins, is highly valued in our days. Chicken breed Dong Tao served in expensive restaurants serving affluent clients and their paws are considered a delicacy.

1. Dong Tao chicken breed has a strong body and massive legs, covered with reddish scales.

2. Chickens are usually bright plumage, but the roosters - motley.

3. The weight of the cock can be 6 kilograms, and the thickness of paws reach the girth of the human wrist.

4. This rare bird is in high demand, which accounts for such a high price. Couple Dong Tao chicken breed can cost $ 2,500.

5. Dong Tao is very sensitive to changes in the weather and carry fewer eggs than normal chickens.

6. Massive paws complicate the process of hatching eggs, so manufacturers are helping in every possible way Kvochka.

7. Chicken is required from eight months to a year to gain weight 3-5 kg.


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