Amazing silky chicken farming +video


First, these chickens are mentioned by Aristotle (384-322 BC) as "chicken with wool cat". In the Chinese Tang dynasty (918-907 ad) describes the "black kachinskie chickens" used for medical purposes.

During the distribution of this breed is it composed a lot of myths. For example, the first Dutch breeders told buyers that it is a cross between chicken and rabbit. And many ordinary people believed it was a chicken with a real fur of a mammal.

Country of origin for these amazing chickens is considered to be China. Chickens have black-brown skin, black bones and grayish-black meat. Eumelanin, which is in plant and animal species usually determines the color of the skin and its derivatives (hair, feathers, and scales of vertebrates the cuticle in insects, the rind of the fruit), in this case penetrates into the connective tissue.

Even the hens of this breed are blue beak, blue earlobes, like a walnut comb, five toes on each foot (the fifth finger is clearly separated from the other four) and hair-like feathers (they are soft and silky due to the fragile rod). Rounded on all sides form, formed by a wide, cubic body with a short broad back and slightly protruding shoulders. Very full broad chest, covered with down the abdomen, a raised tail with steering feathers and large braids with closed webs of the feathers, which, however, ends in a mess. Tibia short, well feathered. Color: wild, black, pearl grey, blue, white, yellow, red. Sometimes even the bearded variety — with an additional clutch of feathers under the beak.

Silk — decorative rock (and it is clear — with that appearance) and compact. The live weight of cock is approximately 1.4-1.7 pounds, chicken — 1.1 to 1.4. Chickens are 100-120 eggs: relatively large, great taste, and in terms of feed costs, and even highly cost-effective.


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