On «Kickstarter» began collecting money for headphones that promise to "change the sound of the world"

On the platform Kickstarter стартовала campaign to collect money for the production of headphones augmented reality «Here». According to the developers, this device will allow, how to control the reproduction of the desired sound, and "turn off" is not necessary, such as the noise of the subway or a baby crying.

The creators describe their concept as a system of adjustable headphones with active noise cancellation. Each earpiece posted audio coding chip, connected with her microphone and speaker headset. Sound comes through the microphone in the coding chip that processes the signal for a given algorithm and plays have the desired result.

In practice, if you specify the option "Music", the system amplifies sounds that recognizes as music and muffles all other sounds. However, the creators emphasize that «Here», this is not the headphones for music. This is, first and foremost, "customizable filter sounds of the outside world».

Control settings and filter system through the application for a smartphone through Bluetooth. The creators claim that all the time, sound processing, will take no more than 30 microseconds, and the delay will be imperceptible to the human ear.

Standard application settings are already installed such "jammers" as "crowd noise", "sound of the underground," "crying baby" and "road noise". However, the developers claim that the user can very easily configure filters and thus stifle any, boring sound. So, goodbye headache from repairing a neighbor sounds.

To become a proud owner of headphones «Here», it is necessary to part with the amount of 179 US dollars. The first devices with the successful fundraising, will be launched in December 2015.

Source: geektimes.ru/post/251426/


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