The Japanese make a new type of electronic paper

Over the past 20 years were completely different types of displays, including display e-ink, which was to replace the standard paper. And what about those who make presentations or lectures? They still paint markers on the board or large paper "perekidushkah." And on a small e-ink screen with the stylus to write very difficult - affects long delay updates.

Japanese scientists have resurrected pretty old technology of electronic paper, and the promise that it will be the reincarnation of an inexpensive, rapid and suitable for large scale manufacture, and in addition, and from the viewpoint of economical consumption. It will consist of inexpensive and durable components - polyacrylate, elastic silicone-based polymer and silicone oil.

The new electronic paper technology implements theoretical proposed back in the 1970s. It uses two flat transparent electrodes, between which are suspended in a small 0.1 mm diameter sphere. Half of each sphere - black, and the other - white. At the same time in different halves of spheres more and different electric charges.

In order to "write" on a paper, you need a magnetic stylus. When you spend them on its surface, the sphere on this site are turning black side, because it is in this half of the sphere located nanoparticles that are attracted to a magnet. A "wash" the board can, giving charge to the transparent electrodes, resulting in all spheres of us turn to the white side.

Currently, researchers are working to improve the contrast of the display.



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