Tesla Model S: Now with two motors and a battery of 70 kWh

The company Tesla Motors is not in place, trying not only to create new models of electric vehicles, but also to improve existing ones. The other day was объявлено about , that Model S 60 is removed from the production, and to replace it comes to electric cars Model S 70D. However, a new model for 5000 dollars more than the old, but a lot of updates here.

For example, S60 - electric car is rear-wheel drive with a single electric motor 385 hp and battery capacity of 60 kWh. But the new model has just two motor a total capacity of 522 hp and a battery of 70 kWh. Power reserve at the same time increased from 333 to 384 km. The maximum speed in this case is 225 km / h with acceleration to 100 km / h in just 5, 4 seconds.

The developers have also added a new model many things that previously had to buy more to the basic version. For example, the added adapter for fast charging Supercharger (previously had to pay for it about 2 thousand US dollars). In the basic version now includes navigation, keyless system authorization, LED lights, electric door.

Interestingly, the previous best selling were not just the most basic configuration, and more advanced, respectively, and more expensive.

It is worth noting that after a while Tesla Motors Tesla Model release 3, with the price of 35 thousand US dollars. And this is a great option for those customers who need a budget version of the electric vehicle.

Tesla this year to increase sales of electric cars. So, for the first quarter sales rose a half times - up to 10030 cars. True, Elon Musk more ambitious plans - he plans to sell this year's 55,000 electric vehicles.

Source: geektimes.ru/post/248776/


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