In Shanghai collapsed 13-storey house

Almost built 13-storey residential building collapsed in China, while not lounging died working.

Building in Shanghai, the construction of which is in the process of finishing the interior and which had to be put into operation in December this year, "capsized" at dawn on Saturday.

In the photos you can see that the house is like a "cut" from the ground. The reasons for the fall of flats being investigated. Experts suggest that it could happen as due to work on the construction of an underground garage, as well as due to heavy rains, the substitution of the ground. In addition, the foundation of the house was located on insecure ground - on clay banks of the river.

After the incident at the construction site were evacuated workers, resettled residents of nearby houses. As shown by the extra testing, despite falling buildings, underground utilities area remained intact. According to Xinhua News Agency, ten neighboring houses are not damaged.



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