Concepts of technology and gadgets beginning of the 2000s

In early January 2015, read here this publication about the smart pen, I remembered that I had read about such a thing many years ago in the journal " Around the World. " This gave me the idea that much really new - it is forgotten and rethinking old.
It so happened that I actively read these magazines in the early 2000s, and there among the descriptions of different countries, cities, historical events and other material was interesting for me heading "Technoparade", which tells about modern (at the time) gadgets new revolutionary device concepts. I asked permission from "Around the World" and after a positive response decided to share with the readers of data interesting material.

Images scanned by me from magazines, text notes given in processed form, all rights reserved magazine "Around the World» .

Solar battery for mobile phone

What if the phone is dead? You just need to put it in the sun. This makes sense if it is equipped with a battery from the company Sunpower Systems. It is argued that to fully charge less than five hours in the sun. These batteries were produced for all public telephones.
Source: Journal for May, 2001, p.40.

Smart House

If an e-mail message came from the washing machine - then the future is now, and your home is equipped with a system of Ariston Digital. This system connects all the appliances in the apartment, with it does not need any additional connections - provides a connection between the wiring and with the outside world - the Internet and GSM. Each appliance diagnose themselves and report problems to the central service center Ariston. If the fault can be corrected remotely, the device will be sent by e-mail instructions (patch firmware) and the instrument itself adjusts its work. If the fault persists - notice owner comes by fax, landline or mobile phone or by email. Remote control smart home - touch screen monitor, through which a person interacts with the control system «Leon @ rdo».
Source: Journal for July, 2001, p.96.

Ancestor SmartWatch?

The image - Siemens Wristphone, conventional cellular telephone format GSM, which can also act as a clock and fastened to the arm. Weight Concept - 36 grams.

As far as I found out in the mass market this ancestor SmartWatch did not hit, left a beautiful concept.
Source: Journal for July, 2001, p.97.

A one-time anonymous phone

This cell phone can not call to talk to him, you can just 1 hour, and then can be safely discarded. Dimensions Hop-on wireless constitute 6h11h1 see, the machine has only two buttons: "call" and "lights out." By clicking on the "Call" need to speak the local phone number, which is automatically recognized voice recognition system, and there is dial-up. The button "End", respectively, completing the conversation. Comes with a one-time itself, earphones with microphone and 1 hour of talk. Also important design: each phone it can be a unique and colorful. This phone is not sorry to lose him, no one can call, no need to take care of and charging the battery, refill the account, etc. There were versions of GSM and CDMA, but only for the US.

I wonder is this: a month after the news happened Jets September 11 attacks, and perhaps precisely because of these attacks and the subsequent crackdown disposable anonymous phone did not give the go, although they could find its niche and become popular.
Source: Journal for August 2001, p.102.

A smartphone could be here so!

The perennial problem of wearable gadgets - how to hide the big screen in a small package. Someone makes a huge "shovel" barely fit in your pocket, someone creates a special mobile interfaces, but the company Interactive Imaging System at the time went the other way. The image - the communicator iCom, having a special LCD display eyepiece. It is worth it to rest my eyes - and create a feeling that this is a 21-inch monitor with a resolution of 640x480, located at a distance of 85 cm from the eye. Also resolved the question Keyboard: designed for your device "screen keyboard", which can be controlled via an analogue OptiNav mouse and scroll buttons, cycling just one finger. There is an interface for CompactFlash memory cards and the ability to connect a variety of other devices. Operating System - Windows (apparently, CE).

Searching the internet, I was able to find other similar device model from the same company. In this case, there is a hardware QWERTY-keyboard and LCD screen is optional. More details can be found on the ссылке.
Source: Journal of September, 2001, p.72.

Source - "Around the World»,
If this material will be interesting to readers, this post will be continued: in old magazines have much to curious.



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