Do not want to wash - it does not matter

If you do not want to wash dirty car, but there is a time and a creative impulse can transform banal dirt on the windshield of a car into a work of art, as it does an artist of Texas.
Many people passing by with dirty cars can not help but leave dust on the glass "witty" inscription, draw a face or a flower. Perhaps American artist Scott Wade also started with this, but what he gets up with a dirty car today - just the height of perfection.
According to Wade to create a dusty canvas by car, you need about a week to ride on a dirt road.

True, he does not expect much, Scott. He uses a special gel, which deals with a hair dryer dust. It takes about 10 minutes. Creates his amazing drawings Scott Wade using brushes of varying degrees of hardness. This allows for varying degrees of shading pattern of individual parts.

Per his creation Wade spends about 4 hours, and destroy this hard work can even mushroom rain. But the artist is not upset, saying that everything in this world is fleeting.

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