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The primary objective of each actor - get used to the role. Just be on time, his hero, his habits, facial expressions and preferences. Not to mention the appearance - it's the first thing that draws the attention of the viewer. In this post - shining examples of what are the real actors for the role in the movie.

Daniel Day-Lewis wrote his name in the history of cinema as the only actor who has three times been awarded "Oscar" for Best Actor. They say he can play anyone, most importantly give him time to prepare. By the sixteenth President of the United States the role of the actor began to prepare well before the shooting, and when the time has come to move on the set, it is adjusted to the tone of voice of Lincoln and asked the crew and Steven Spielberg called him "Mr. President».

For Leonardo DiCaprio embodiment of the image of Howard Hughes became synonymous with the fact that the actor has decided to come to their time. He almost by heart learned his biography, sat behind the wheel of the aircraft and took over all the habits of his hero. Copying manic obsession with Howard on certain actions, DiCaprio was held in the same openings, walking on the pavement, without stepping on the joints between the roadway and off the set with no one spoke, retire just like his hero. < br />

. When Rooney Mara won the role of a hacker Lisbeth Salander in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," the actress was not even earrings in your ears, not to mention other parts of the body. Thus, the dissolution in the form of Lisbeth for Rooney began with a piercing salon where she has pierced ears, lip, eyebrow, nose, and with * ki. Then she dyed her hair black, short postriglas, bleached face and caused a temporary tattoo. The actress said that in such a "camouflage" it felt like in some suit, even when left entirely to * Agen.

In the role of Batman's nemesis - the villain Joker - Actor Heath Ledger get used to, locked in a room of one of the hotels in London. As an actor Nolan gave carte blanche, and the image can be created from scratch, all the time in the four walls Hit devoted to the study of comics, taken as a basis for the script for the film. Immersion in the image turretless psychopathic villain has led to the fact that by the beginning of filming Heath could sleep an average of about 2 hours a day. By the time the actor took the following role in the film "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", he suffered from chronic insomnia, pneumonia and malnutrition. Role in "The Dark Knight" earned the actor a posthumous "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actor.

Min-sik Choi wanted the image of a businessman named Oh Dae-Su in the film "Oldboy" has turned out extremely realistic. For this he refused to special effects in scenes with tattooing, counting down the years behind bars, hot rod, as in the scene with eating octopus he really eat live octopus. In this case, the actor confesses Buddhism and each take was for him a real torture. Before you eat cephalopod, he uttered a prayer of apology that takes the lives of others.

Reincarnation in his hero Robert De Niro begins with the fact that he is trying to learn his manners, appearance, if not his family activity. So, for the role of Vito Corleone in "The Godfather II» before filming began, he lived for several months in Sicily, where he taught language and dialect. Appreciated the efforts made by "Oscar" in the category "Best Actor».

For the role of machinist Trevor Reznik in "The Machinist" Hollywood actor Christian Bale lost almost 29 kg. After consulting with the doctor, the actor sat down on a rigid diet, which consisted of one apple and cans of tuna a day. He lost weight from 83's to 55 kg and was ready to move on, but the crew insisted on him to stop, because such a rapid method could significantly damage health. Next in line were shooting pictures "Batman Begins," so Christian again had to "put yourself in shape," he sat on the high-carbohydrate diet and started a daily three-hour training. As a result, 5 months, he scored 45 kg, and in the process of filming the movie added another 18.

Deciding that play significantly lieutenant colonel, who did not see anything, you can just put yourself in his place, Al Pacino went to school for the blind. He helped people with visual impairments and also studied feel blind. In the process of filming, to convey the image of a blind man, an actor constantly monitor your opinion, not allowing himself to focus on objects. For the role of Frank Slade in "Scent of a Woman" actor received the "Oscar" in the category "Best Actor».

The casting in the film "Boys Do not Cry," Hilary Swank came to her husband's clothes and cowboy hat. Directed rated impulse actress, supported by talent, and gave Hilary role. Ready to shoot, the actress began to live in the likeness of men: she cut her hair, pulled his chest bandage and put a sock in the pants. The actress's voice changed to a lower and, visiting friends and neighbors seemed brother Hilary - James. Role in the movie "Boys Do not Cry" brought Hillary "Oscar" for Best Actress.

Chtoby feel Wladyslaw Szpilman in place - a pianist who survived the horrors of the Warsaw ghetto, Adrien Brody for four hours a day taking piano lessons. However, this actor was not enough and he sold his apartment, a car and broke up with his girlfriend. Further transformation cost Adrien in loss of 13 kg. In return for the effort he received the "Oscar" for best actor.

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