The acquisition of apartments in Loft Garden

Over the past few years, gaining increasing popularity in Moscow of loft real estate. Previously, it was the structure of different factories and plants. Now this is the most prestigious apartment for sophisticated buyers.

Having the opportunity to buy an apartment in Loft Garden, you should not think twice. This property has a good location in Riga, in Moscow. It is a magnificent quiet area with lots of greenery. The apartment is perfect for couples with children. The property is adjacent to the Park Sokolniki, where there are many nice places for walks in the fresh air.

On the first floor of the loft buildings Loft Garden there is direct access to the garden from every apartment. The complex has its own guarded Parking with established eco-panels. Loft apartments are suitable for people who appreciate free space. It should be noted that the cost of these solutions is significantly above the usual offerings on the market. However, the purchase of this type will make life significantly more comfortable.

Typically, luxury apartments give residents an opportunity to change the layout according to their taste. The territory of the Loft Garden is fenced and landscaped according to the latest rules and regulations. The building itself was built in the XIX century and includes the whole plant design Bureau aviation Mil. During the reconstruction were used innovative construction materials. Besides, the original brick masonry. Experts have restored elements of the former design. The building has an attractive and unusual appearance.

About the time when there was located the plant, reminiscent of high ceilings, panoramic Windows and ceilings made of wood. All the technical elements and the communication has been completely modernized. On the territory of the Loft Garden has many places for recreation and sports. It is convenient to use tennis courts, indoor skating rink, swimming pools, playgrounds, rides, your stadium. The loft apartment will appeal to many connoisseurs of comfort. This is a great opportunity to move from the noisy city center in a quiet and peaceful area.

Experts said in Moscow the rapid increase in demand for such solutions. Many have already appreciated all advantages of real estate. If you want you can find a lot of interesting projects of this type, which, of course, like many residents and guests of the capital.


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