Girl and roses. Story with a happy ending

One day a man met a girl. She was very beautiful, and immediately captured the hearts of men. But the girl was one flaw.

She was envious and always envied my friends who received from suitors flowers and gifts. She began to feel that little she receives from her man. And think the trick. When approaching their anniversary, the man asked:
- The light of my eyes, what do you want? Ask what you want!
- Give me as many roses, how many days you want to spend with me! - She replied. The man thought for a moment and agreed.
When it was on this very day, he tied up her eyes and took the tape to a new place, exuding the fragrance of flowers. In anticipation of the hundreds of beautiful buds, she tore off the tape and looked around. But all around was just a piece of land and 2 big old bag, and walked on which flavor. The girl was surprised, and the man replied:
- I came up with the best. I bought this land for you. In the bag - the best varieties of roses. You grow up here as roses, how many years you want to live with me.
Girl angry and threw the man. A man went to a bar and drank beer with friends, met a normal woman and until the end of days ate borscht.


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