Michael Ironside, "play the villain more interesting and profitable"

His real name - Frederick Reginald Ironside. He was born February 12, 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in a working class family. His mother - a housewife, his father - Technician street lighting. Michael Ironside was born into a large family of 16 people. As a teenager, his favorite pastime sport was armwrestling. Michael was the original dream of becoming a writer. At the age of fifteen years, he wrote a play called "Shelter" and won a Canada-wide university competition. The prize money was used to mount the game into production.
After graduating from art college in Ontario, Michael Ironside spent some time working in the construction industry as a roofer and parallel studied for three years at the Canadian National Film Board. The first attempts to become an actor fails. But Michael Ironside not "let his hands" and worked for some time on Canadian TV.

The first film starring Michael Ironside was released in late 1970. After its debut Ironside immediately gained fame and recognition of the many spectators. It was a fantastic thriller "Scanners", which Ironside was also a producer. Received wide acclaim, his career "bad guy" quickly raised the rating of the audience. According to the actor, to play creepy villains interesting and profitable in terms of what the good guys are in danger several times during the film, and the villains only once - at the end. Most of his villains, emotionally and physically unbalanced, and ironically lose an arm or other limb. Basically, he played the role of the police and military, but also the role of supermen and good guys, too, turned out to be successful. The entire acting career Ayronda lies in more than one hundred films and several television series.

His career consists not only of artistic activity, he showed himself to be successful in the role of writer-director, producer and even sound escort some projects for Film and Television.

Michael Ironside was married twice. He has an older daughter Adrianna from his first marriage, who was born in 1974, and a daughter from his second marriage, Fayndley born in 1998. The eldest of his daughter, following in the footsteps of his father, successfully making career as an actress. All of his many brothers and sisters and their families live on the same street in Toronto.


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