US police are unwilling citizens to monitor their work

US police are extremely dissatisfied with the ability of the civilian population to monitor their work using applications such as Waze . Such a statement было made at the Congress NSA its chairman Mike Brown (in this case, NSA stands for "National Association of Sheriffs»).

Appendix Waze for smartphones is familiar to many of today's road service. It monitors the velocity of the participants, identifying traffic jams and congestion, allowing participants to share information about road closures, accidents and police operations. In addition, users can successfully communicate to each other about the cameras recording the violation and lurking in the bushes traffic police service. Have programs and other useful functions - for example, search for refueling with favorable prices.

However, NSA representatives claim that reporting on the whereabouts of the police, citizens thus subjected to the lives of these employees at risk and make it difficult to conduct special operations. In connection with this application even branded "persecutor police." Jim Pasco, executive director of the "Brotherhood of Police» ( Fraternal Order of Police ), says: "I can think of a hundred ways of as it may harm the police. Unable to control the use of [the service]. If you - the offender, and conceived to rob a bank, hypothetically, you can use the Waze ».

Organizations involved in the surveillance of citizens, passionate about attempts to citizens, in turn, keep track of these organizations, or slipping under surveillance by means of using modern encryption systems. Due to the spread of portable video recording appeared even the term « sousveillance ». He is opposed to the notion of «surveillance», ie, "Shadowing" or "supervision". French word sur, meaning "over", says that "supervision" is held from the top, ie, bodies that monitor citizens. And the citizens, trying to answer the age-old question "Who will guard the guards," organize, if you like, "valance" watching from below.

This process, which do not like the recent monopoly on surveillance helps to expose the false propaganda, bring to light недобросовестных employees of law enforcement agencies, and just get out of difficult situations. Many motorists have benefited from the presence of the DVR, which helps resolve disputes by traffic accidents and to fight against the автоподставщиков. New technologies raise new questions about the rights of citizens, and these issues one way or another will have to decide, taking into account the views of all parties.



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