Stars of Russian show business crisis overweening

As you know, to see a celebrity or star of the show business on the toilet is not possible to often. But our stars have decided to go for broke and staged a photo shoot for it in a closet under the name "We are in the $ host to the crisis" or "Star sat on the toilet."

Celebrities who took part in the shooting, calling to stop the hysteria surrounding the global financial crisis and do what he likes. Some of the participants started to play music, someone to direct the purity of someone eating a sandwich, while others - read scraps of newspaper.

Roman Trachtenberg

Evelyn Bledans

Evelyn Bledans

Evgeny Rudin (DJ Groove) with his wife Alexander Rudin (DJ Sandra)

Otar Kushanashvili and Alain Vodonaeva

Vladimir Tishko

Emilia Vishnevskaya

Timur Rodriguez

Anastasia Mastak

Nikas Safronov

Sexy Les

Dominique Joker

Natalya Tolstaya

Svetlana Pchelnikova

Eva Gough and Arthur Voskanyan

Alex Che

Andrey Bartenev

Rapper Syava and associates

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