NASA restarts robot in Volcano

A man without superpowers can not explore the volcano inside. Therefore, NASA developed a robot that is able to do.

VolcanoBot 1 - robot geologist , inspired by the passion volcanoes Carolyn Parchety, office staff NASA. While still in school she witnessed how a researcher in the television program took a sample of the lava, and promised myself to do something like that.

The first mission of the robot was the work of a volcano in Kilauea in Hawaii. According to NASA, no one really knows how the eruption, the volcano has not been seen at this point from the inside. Data obtained robot helps scientists to create a 3D map of the volcano.

The robot was усовершенствован, becoming a more maneuverable VolcanoBot 2. In March this year, he will go in the footsteps of the first robot and explores the cracks in the same volcano in Hawaii.

Parcheta sure that most of the magma erupts from the cracks, and that this applies not only to the world, but also to Mars, Europe, Mercury and the Moon. Currently there are no technologies that are able to explore the cracks and depressions, and over their creation has yet to work - including exploring the volcanoes of his native planet.

Carolyn Parcheta and VolcanoBot 2 i>

Вулкан Olympus , Mars i>



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