MeArm: robomanipulyator "do it yourself"

MeArm - pocket version of an industrial manipulator. This opersorsny project - all of the data about the design and program files available for free download is licensed under Creative Commons, so you can edit them and learn from them.

MeArm intended to make more available robotics. All development, which collect money using Kickstarter, will be placed on the network is licensed under Creative Commons, which allows to use, learn from their example, edit and create your own device.

Currently Crowdfunding brought 13,649 pounds of the required 5 000.

MeArm manipulator during operation.

Aruino-compatible controller MeBrain. After connecting the controller to the manipulator MeArm you can manage it, as well as record movement.

Workshop MeArm in the London Science Museum.

Workshop MeArm in Taiwan.



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