Tesla Roadster can now drive twice the distance without recharging

Elon Musk once again happy news of the Tesla Roadster. Now, electric can travel twice more than before, the distance between charges. It's about as much as 650 kilometers - this would be enough to get from San Francisco to Losandzhelesa. It's even more than he can travel without recharging flagship electric vehicle - Tesla Model S.

Tesla Roadster was announced in 2008, and since then it has somewhat overshadowed the new model, Model S. It seems that now the Tesla Roadster can once again become the most popular model of the electric vehicle - after 650 miles without recharging enough for all this is a very significant achievement. < br />

Roadster upgrade will enable non-stop travel from LA to SF - almost 400 mile range. Details tmrw. Merry Christmas! - Elon Musk (elonmusk) December 25, 2014 blockquote>
 Details of how and why the electric drive can now twice the distance, Elon Musk pledged to give tomorrow. As for the Model S, then this model will be updated later when it is, the mask does not report:

Should mention that a battery pack upgrade is not coming soon for the Model S, but it obviously * will * happen long-term.- Elon Musk (elonmusk) December 26, 2014 blockquote>
 Tesla at all happy now well known. So, a couple of months ago, the company announced a major expansion of its network of elektrozapravok, as well as cooperation with BMW in the field of alignment elektroAZS.

Besides, now open and experimental station for replacing batteries of electric vehicles, and the replacement time is around 3 minutes (with a further reduction of up to a minute), and the replacement cost is approximately equal to the cost of filling the tank of a vehicle with a gasoline engine.

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